In August 2019, I began a 9-month-apprenticeship through the Be Woman Project. 9 months – the time an embryo spends in the womb of its mother. It’s my personal journey towards self-knowledge, towards self-acceptance. I try to peel off all the layers of protection my ego has put onto myself here, piece by piece.

This journey has its roots in the time when I jumped into the physical Yoga 6 years ago. I later touched upon the psychological side, then eventually the spiritual, diving deeper into the Vedanta teaching (the most popular Hindu philosophy and closely intertwined with the Yoga) and practices – through my body, my senses, my mind.

Follow my journey if you’d like.

❤ , Rahel

Be Woman Project is an intention to inspire women to heal any wound around being a woman as well as the relationship with other women in their life. By getting to know oneself as the source of love, security and happiness and the discovery of one’s own worthiness, we can embody the love that we are and reach out to our families, friends and community in a loving and supportive way rather than needing to be emotionally validated by them. Women have a sacred bond with each other, a bond of trust, which has broken down and been forgotten by many over the last decades. Be Woman Project is here to help rediscover and re-establish that bond and the value of being a woman, a sister and a mother in and of the universe.

What People Say

May we always be sweet to each other. May we use words that are truthful, ultimately good and pleasing.

Be Woman Project

Being love, being me, is not an action. It is not something to be accomplished or to achieve. It is something to be known, to be discovered, as an already accomplished fact.

Swami Dayananda

Everybody wants to melt down. Melt down slowly.


Let’s build something together.


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