Family constellation: one more step in making peace with myself

It blew me away as only a few things have blown me away before. The woman who played the role of myself expressed thoughts which I had never said out loud but corresponded exactly to what was going on inside me. The other participants constellating my family expressed things that were amazingly true. I cried buckets full of tears… What’s the supposed effect of “family constellations”? I have some assumptions 🙂

Women’s Circles: the next big thing (maybe). Anyways, you might find it great, too.

The Vogue calls it “another well-being trend on the rise” leaving open whether “another” indicates that it will go out of fashion again soon or whether “it will grow as big as yoga” – as my Vedanta-teacher assumes. I think my teacher might be right. Whether it’s done in a spiritual way or in aContinue reading “Women’s Circles: the next big thing (maybe). Anyways, you might find it great, too.”

How I deal with emotions (most recently) – in particular with insecurity, frustration and anger

Not talking about emotions makes people sick. Not processed, they leave deep imprints. Labels, that stick – I at least often identify myself with them. I find two ways have helped me very effectively to come to my truth recently.

How I realized I’m worthy not to run after him

We spent 24 hours together and I fell in love. Believe it or not and I find it ridiculous, too. But it happened. And the pain felt real. I decided to handle it differently this time: I cried, I asked for help and then faced my shame and projection. Until I realized that I no longer really mind that he doesn’t take what is here.

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